• This Delicious basket is a great way to say "Thank You" or "Congratulations!"  It includes 16-2oz. Chocolate Chip Cookies.  It measures 11" x 4"
  • Sweet Sensations Basket

    Perfect for everyone, this wicker basket features a collection of La La's best sellers. Medium Includes 20 pcs: 3- sugar cookies, 4-chocoalte chip cookies, 3-white chip cookies, 3-lemoncello white chip cookies, 3-raspberry white chip cookies, 2- M&M chocolate covered pretzels and 2-snack sized brownies...$32.99 Large Includes 30 pcs: 5-sugar cookies, 6-chocolate chip cookies, 4-white chip cookies, 4-lemoncello white chip cookies, 4-raspberry white chip cookies, 3-M&M chocolate covered pretzels and 4-snack sized brownies...$48.99 Grand includes 40 pcs: 6-sugar cookies, 8-chocolate chip cookies, 5-white chip cookies, 5-lemoncello white chip cookies, 5-raspberrry white chip cookies, 5-M&M chocolate covered pretzels and 6-snack sized brownies...$64.99
  • This basket is filled with decadent Reeses chocolate chip cookies, Kit Kat chocolate chip cookies and our own Signature Chocolate Chip cookies. This basket measures 15" x 12" x 4"
  • Our Deluxe Cookie Basket is the perfect gift for any occasion. We've included our Signature Chocolate Chip Cookies as well as a few customer favorites!  This basket measures 16" x 12" x 7".  It includes 4-Lemoncello/White Chip cookies, 4-Almond Joy chocolate chip cookies, 5-Raspberry/White chip cookies, 3-Reeses Pieces chocolate chip cookies, 4-Chocolate chip cookies.
  • Our platter of gourmet cookies are sure to please!  It makes a great gift.  You can send this platter for a birthday, sympathy, new house or new baby. Contains: 7- Pretzel chocolate cookies, 7- Reeses cookies, 7- Almond Joy cookies, 7- Butterfinger cookies & 7- Chocolate chip cookies
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