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Cookies Make The World A Better Place!

Fundraising has become a fact of life for nearly every school in America as well as other organizations that need to bring in extra money. Whether your group needs additional funds for special trips, to pay for equipment, or to help subsidize scholarships, La La’s Gourmet Cookies has just the solution for you. It’s a turnkey solution for helping schools and organizations make more money with an item that everybody loves: fresh baked cookies. With over 8 years of helping companies build their profits with fresh baked cookies, we know what works. Because everyone loves cookies, it is one of the popular fundraising products and La La’s Gourmet Cookies is the #1 company in fundraising.

Plus, we take the pressure off you, the fundraising coordinator, with our outstanding customer service and support. No one else in the industry has Direct Ship Delivery where we will:

  • Deliver your cookies in tip-top condition in a colorful 1 lb., resealable bag
  • Organize the product by flavor
  • Confirm your order

35% Goes To The Organization

We support your fundraising program with order forms, sell sheets, and all of the tools you’ll need to put on the best, most successful fundraiser ever.

Want More Reasons to Put La-La’s to Work on Your Next Fundraiser?

  • Our products contain the very best ingredients, including real butter, distinctive chocolate, and plump California raisins
  • 0g trans fat
  • Our attractive resealable cookie bags preserve freshness and flavor
  • Kids and parents love fundraising with La La’s Gourmet Cookies because our well-known brand and quality products are easy to sell and generate more money for the cause
  • Moms told us that they prefer La La’s Gourmet Cookies fundraisers because they are easy. No more sifting through thick catalogs of useless trinkets. They just pick their favorite cookie flavors. That’s it.



We Ship Direct – To Save You Time From Making Deliveries

If you want to supercharge your fundraising efforts and make more money than you ever have before, implement the La La’s Gourmet Cookies Fundraising program. You’ll have a ton of fun and more importantly… make a bunch of money!

Ready to plan your next fundraising event? Contact us today to get started.

Depending on your location, there may be a small delivery charge.