After the shop being open for one year, I thought it would be a good idea to create our first Holiday Commercial.  Many ideas, and thoughts went into the creation and story line of creating a fun Christmas commercial for all.  Santa Claus is featured visiting two families on the night before Christmas.  Once Santa took a bite and tasted one of La La’s Gourmet Cookies he absolutely fell in love.  It was so much fun filming and directing my first commercial for the shop.  I asked some of my family members if they would like to act and play a role in the commercial, and everyone said yes!!! 🙂 We all had a lot of fun and made a memory out of filming our very first commercial.  I really loved the outcome and the Holiday feel that the commercial came out to be.  I hope you guys enjoy, and see how much fun we had making it.

              ~La La 🙂

Thank you!  Laura